In the last 7 years this site turned into a portfolio of my blooming Web Design & Development engagement that takes most of my time these days. It's doing well thanks to all your thoughtful referrals. I wouldn't be here if not for the wonderful friends & clients I have!


If you are here to see my custom Wordpress theme designed in under a day, click through to DilyaraDesigns.


Recent Clients

ACU-RITE Weather Stations

Warbritton & Associates

The Preemie Primer






What I use these days to built sites:

I love Wordpress I do Magento I integrate FB & Other social media
WordPress Open Source
Content Management System
Magento Open Source eCommerce Facebook doesn’t need an introduction. I integrate FB as well as Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites with your site.
My old camera
Still inseparable from my trusty camera



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